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Welcome to PCDI

GoldMine CRM

GoldMine Software solutions provider since 1998

We have over 10 years experience as a leading GoldMine CRM solutions provider in the UK.

Plus all the leading 3rd party Add-On software applications and enhancements for GoldMine.

Goldmine standard edition

GoldMine Standard Edition (CE) has now been discontinued by FrontRange



SUPPORT for GoldMine Standard Edition 6.7 and earlier is still available.

We have many hundreds of satisfied users of GoldMine CRM.

We will to continue to provide excellent support services for as long as you need it..

Call us today if you want a competitive quote for GoldMine Standard edition support, training or consultancy services.

more on GoldMine CRM 6.7

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Which Version

There are two current versions of Goldmine CRM Software...
GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 and GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5

The question you answering is, "Which one do I need?" That's where we can help you....

The main differences between them are:

For more information on the differences between the three versions of Goldmine, Click here.

Whatever your need, chances are you will find the answer within these pages.

We have answers to all your questions:

GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5

GoldMine Premium CRM takes a huge leap forward with the current release of GoldMine. Premium Version

New Features in GoldMine 8.5 include

Preview Panes: for instant drill down into the data.

Universal Search: Find records by any information anywhere. Even in email attachments and linked documents.


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FrontRange Solutions release GoldMine PE (Premium Edition) version 8.02.80208.

GoldMine Premium Edition includes numerous features for sales, marketing, calendaring, and contact management that are also found in GoldMine Corporate Edition.
The new user interface style provides a modern look and feel.

The customer service module includes.


IGoldMine Premium Edition is not available as a downloadable demo.

Please ring PCDI for details of how you can evaluate it Live and online

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GoldMine 6.7 SE has been Discontinued

FrontRange Solutions retired GoldMine 6.7 Standard Edition as of April 1st 2007.

No further licenses of GoldMine 4 - 5x or 6.x will be shipped.

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